Vom Kiel zum Flaggenknopf ["From Keel to Truck"]

Vom Kiel zum Flaggenknopf ["From Keel to Truck"]

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Marine-Worterbuch, Englisch-Franzosisch-Deutsch-Spanisch-Italienisch. vierte auflage....

Paasch, H.

Hamburg, Eckardt und Messtorff, 1908.

landscape format hardback. 811 pages of text, 108 plates + index.

good clean condition in the original quarter leather binding, rather rubbed to the spine; but the binding is pretty well detached from the text block, with the stitching broken in many places, and with some rather crude linen tape repairs inserted to some preliminary and end pages.

Really, the book requires the work of a binder to recase it

a scarce edition of Capt. Paasch's famous marine dictionary