Schooner "Oceania" of Buenos Aires

Schooner "Oceania" of Buenos Aires

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log book of a voyage from Portland Harbour, Dorset towards Buenos Aires

approx. 64 pages. written in pencil in a legible hand, on John Holt & Company memorandum sheets.

most entries comprise a top sheet with carbon copy beneath, though the top sheet is occasionally missing.


the log commences on 23rd November 1906 with the "Oceania", Master Thomas S. Knight, lying within Portland Harbour, where she remains for the next two weeks.

Towed out of harbour by the tug 'Petrel', she set sail in light winds on December 7th, but the following day the winds strengthened, becoming gale force, with hurricane force squalls, and after suffering damage, the 'Oceania' returned to Portland Harbour on December 13th, where to add to the Master's problems, the Chief Mate deserted the ship.

The ship finally sailed on December 20th, and the log covers the first 44 days of the voyage, ending on the 4th February 1907