Clyde Navigation Trust. three large ledger volumes

Clyde Navigation Trust. three large ledger volumes

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1. "Renfrew Workshops Inventory of Machines".

listing number of machine, maker's name, description, date of order, date of completion, and cost. sample entry: 69 / Royce Ltd. / 7 ton electric overhead travelling crane. three motors, one for hoisting, one for longitudinal travelling, and one for cross traversing. span between centres of rails, 78 feet, lift, 23 feet / 26 July 1906 / 4 September 1908 / £844.10. entries on 109 pages and covering from the early 1900's through to the 1920's. Also, inventories of plant in the various workshops, smithies, stores, etc. large folio [51x40cm]. quarter leather bound. good condition with light binding wear.

2. "Renfrew Workshops - Cost of Jobs - Floating Plant". covering the period May 1922 to January 1948.

with manuscript entries of costs for wages and materials under the following printed headings: date / vessel / [wages] - carpenters and boat builders / riggers and red leaders / joiners and painters / blacksmiths and hammermen / engine turners, machinemen and fitters / boilermakers, platers and riveters. [materials] - timber / iron and steel / nails, etc. / brass / paints and oils / packing and jointing / copper, lead piping, etc. / sundries. with a final column of total costs. 198 completed pages. large folio [44x30]. half leather bound. good condition with light rubbing to the leather.

3. "Clyde Navigation - Materials Ordered and Charged Direct, no.1". covering the period from ca.1910 through to the 1940's.

241 pages + thumb index, containing detailed manuscript accounts for the maintenance costs for the various vessels, dockside equipment, workshops, etc. owned by the Clyde Navigation Trust. including foot and vehicle ferries, dredgers, cranes, diving bells, etc., etc. [37x26cm]. half leather bound. wear and rubbing to the binding, but sound. internally clean.