Brig 'Oeconomy' of Whitby - Protest

Brig 'Oeconomy' of Whitby - Protest

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Protest lodged by Joseph Brown, Master of the brig 'Oeconomy' of Whitby, dated 12th March 1832.

single folio sheet (two sides) hand-written draft document, with corrections and redactions, detailing the events leading up to the damage sustained by the 185-ton brig 'Oeconomy' in the Thames in January 1832.

The 'Oeconomy' had sailed from the Prussian port of Memel bound for London with a general cargo, arriving in Sandgate Creek on the River Medway on the 31st December. On the 4th January she was making her way up the Thames under sail.

A combination of light winds, very dark and hazy skies, and a strong tide running caused the brig to get athwart the hawser of the vessel 'Hand of Providence' of Maldon, resulting in significant damage, apparently to both vessels.

The 'Oeconomy' laid up in the Lower Hope for the night and proceeded up to London the following day.

a 'Protest' was a written declaration, usually made by the master of ship, and attested by a Justice of the Peace, Consul, Notary Public, etc, stating the circumstances under which injury has happened to a ship or its cargo.

Although a legal document, these protests vividly illustrate the events leading to the loss or damage sustained by the vessels