U-Boat Revelations
U-Boat Revelations
U-Boat Revelations

U-Boat Revelations

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Luppe, Captain Gustav

a manuscript, apparently transcribed from newspaper articles written in 1930, by Captain Gustav Luppe (Imperial Sea Captain, retired). 56 hand-written pages, with a few pasted in contemporary newspaper cutting illustrations.

Presented in six chapters:

1 - How the U-Boat Campaign was born (8 pages).

2 - The Luckiest U-Boat in the War (11 pages. including various episodes of the u-boat campaign, and in particular the story of U-19, the only u-boat which survived the
entire war).

3 - The Sinking of the Lusitania (10 pages. including Luppe's controversial view that German u-boat Command considered the Lusitania to have been re-fitted as an armoured cruiser, and as such a legitimate target)

4 - U-Boats' Gamble in the Dardanelles (7 pages. beginning with the bold statement "Britain was defeated at the Dardanelles by one German submarine, U21....")

5 - When the Seas became a Nest of Death (11 pages. tracing the decline of German naval power following the dismissal of Admiral Von Tirpitz, and the growing ineffectiveness of the u-boat campaign)

6 - The German Mutiny (9 pages. including a personal account of the mutiny on board the SMS Heligoland of which Luppe was Captain).

The manuscript ends with a disheartened Luppe applying to the new German socialist government to be retired, and on September 22, 1919 "severed my connection with the remnants of the Imperial Navy, the German Empire, and all the associations of a life of service under the Imperial regime...."

An obscure article in a 1930 Queensland newspaper refers to Gustav Luppe's controversial views on the sinking of the Lusitania, and describes him as "a handsome retired German naval officer in his early forties, who is now associated with the German cinema industry, and has succeeded in re-awakening war memories in a good many quarters by his striking u-boat articles".