The Variation and Deviation of the Compass Rectified....

The Variation and Deviation of the Compass Rectified....

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Cameron, Paul
London, George Philip and Son, 1868
..., by Azimuth and Altitude Tables, from the equator to the latitude of eighty degrees. also, by the azimuth and altitude tables are found the true position of a ship at sea, the error of the chronometer, and the longitude. likewise, a Treatise on Magnetism, and the Deviations of the Compass in Iron Ships, and the method of observing and correcting them by magnets.

3rd edition. ppvii 50 plus 82 pages of tables. two folding plates and illustrations in the text

original gilt lettered and decorated cloth. binding worn and affected by damp to the fore-edge. some marking and soiling throughout. hinges pulled

Cameron was a respected 19th century authority on the marine compass, author of several works on navigation, and inventor of the Mathematical Slide Rule and Azimuth Dial Compass.