Papers on Naval Subjects.
Papers on Naval Subjects.
Papers on Naval Subjects.

Papers on Naval Subjects.

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collected from the N.I.D. series of "Papers on Naval Subjects" issued between 1901 and 1904

United States Naval Intelligence Department, 1901-4.

good condition hardback. 419 pages. cloth binding rather rubbed. a little marking. one loose page.

10 papers from various international institutions. full list -

Naval Tactics by V.Adm. Makaroff of the Russian Navy.

Patrol and Scouting Service, by Lieut.Klado of the Russian Navy.

Coast Defence in Relation to War, by Col. Sir G.S. Clarke.

British Port-Defence Policy, by V.Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge.

War between France and England, by O'Cabé.

Our Commerce in Maritime War, by Col. Sir H.M. Hozier.

Defended Stations in the Great Belt, by Lieut. Hovagaard, Danish Navy.

Considerations governing the Disposition of Navies, by Capt. A.T. Mahan, U.S.Navy.

The Use of International Cables in Naval War, Lieut. W.Michaelis, German Navy.

The Law of Submarine Cables in War Time, by Hermann Thurn.