Enemy Merchant Ships
Enemy Merchant Ships
Enemy Merchant Ships

Enemy Merchant Ships

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Afbeeldingen van Vijandelijke Koopvaardijschepen en Mogelijke Kapers / Illustrations of Enemy Merchant Ships and Possible Raiders

Batavia-Central, 1941.

very good condition hardback.

from the preface: "this booklet contains profile drawings of various enemy merchant ships and possible raiders, present or possibly present in the Far East and around or in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific....."

an odd publication with no indication of who it was issued by, or intended for, but presumably it was issued to ships' masters, port agents, etc. as a ready identification guide to German and Italian merchant ships, or raiders operating under the guise of merchant ships, in Far East and Pacific waters.

the 'booklet' is a cloth-bound folder containing silhouette drawings and identification details of 41 vessels. each sheet is followed by a ruled blank page for entering further information, personal remarks, etc. Some of these pages have been used by a later owner to provide updated information and photographs of the ships.

The guide was issued in Batavia [modern day Jakarta] in November 1941, just three months before the Dutch surrender to Japanese forces.

The preface and identification notes are provided in both Dutch and English