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1835 holograph letter written in Tortola, to James MacQueen in London

two-page letter dated October 2nd 1835, written by J.D.Roger and sent to James MacQueen in London.

good legible handwriting. good condition apart from one edge tear

James MacQueen was born in Crawford, Lanarkshire in 1778. He was a manager of sugar plantation in Grenada before the age of 20, and later founder of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, and a writer on economics, politics and geography.

This letter suggests that he was also the proprietor of a sugar plantation estate in Tortola.

The writer, J.D.Roger, was possibly an employee or agent of MacQueen, and the letter is of a rather whinging tone, in which he complains about the state of his health, and obliquely seeks help from MacQueen to find employment in England.

He also hopes that MacQueen is "now done with W.I. [West Indies] affairs", bemoans the proposed rule that 'the negro''s working hours should include travelling time, and advises MacQueen of a proposed tax bill that will hit absentee proprietors with a 5% tax on their produce.