Sailing Ship Log Book  -  'Eaton Hall'
Sailing Ship Log Book  -  'Eaton Hall'
Sailing Ship Log Book  -  'Eaton Hall'

Sailing Ship Log Book - 'Eaton Hall'

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kept by John Montador

a fine detailed log by an apprentice under sail of two voyages on the sailing ship 'Eaton Hall' of Liverpool.

The log begins with Montador's second voyage on board, still only sixteen years of age, sailing from Liverpool on August 22nd 1892, round the Horn, to San Francisco..

Followed by the homeward voyage to Queenstown, Ireland on 28th January 1893, arriving May 31st 1893; a round voyage of nine months and twelve days.

Montador then enjoyed eleven weeks leave, rejoining the ship on August 21st.

The rest of the year was spent in Queenstown, and in January 1894 passage was made to Le Havre and on to London.

After loading general cargo, the 'Eaton Hall' sailed on April 5th for Vancouver Island and Tacoma, arriving off Victoria Island September 15th.

Passage home commenced November 9th, arriving in Hamburg 3rd May 1895, a voyage of one year and four days, and then on to London.

The log provides a vivid account of the routine of a deep sea sailing ship at the end of the 19th century, and the hardships faced. Including a near fatal accident for the young Montador when he was knocked off the yard when he was making fast the mizzen royal and just managed to hold onto the sail with the tips of his fingers, before getting hold of the sheet and climbing up again.

148 clearly written pages.

John Montador was a native of Cellardyke in Fife.

He went on from his sailing ship apprenticeship to enjoy a long career at sea, attaining the rank of Captain and seeing merchant marine service in two world wars, awarded the DSC in world war one, and commanding convoy ships in his late sixties during the world war two Battle of the Atlantic.

He died in 1954 and is buried in Pittenweem cemetery.

The 'Eaton Hall' was built in 1870 for the Sun Shipping Co.Ltd., and sold to Balfour, Williamson & Co. of Liverpool in 1875